Together, we provide coaching for couples and individuals, offering support on the discovery and healing journey for both partners, individually and together, as they work to unveil the alchemical marriage within, and its expression through the Sacred Union. Our weekend intensives are custom designed for each couple, allowing them to participate in designing the environment and specific support they require to make it a life changing, transformational experience.

Our coaching program specifically offers support dealing with these issues, but not limited to them:

  •  Cultivating intimacy, transparency and vulnerability
  • Healing from sexual addiction or trauma
  • Addictive behaviors 
  • Trust Issues
  • Learning how to truly love and accept every part of yourself and your partner
  • Finding your joint Life Purpose as a couple
  • Learning how to support each other's greatest expression
  • Learning how to find and live in the alchemy of your Union in service to others
  • Conscious Separation and divorce

We both have emerged and  from a background in fundamental Christianity and Recovery, and speak to groups of all ages on what it means to reveal the Christ within and embody the message of two of our Beloved teachers, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. It is our passion to share this message of Heart Centered Consciousness, revealing that in all things, Love wins.




liberating love. restoring balance. 


One hour session- $144 (By phone or Skype)


4- 1 hour weekly sessions $444 (By phone or Skype)

(Includes messages with us via messenger or Voxer in between sessions for the duration of your package.)


Prices vary depending on location and duration. We customize every weekend intensive experience to fit the needs of each couple in order to make it the most comfortable and memorable experience, producing life changing results for both partners.

If you are ready to take the next step in transforming your life and your love from the inside out, we are excited to share our own life and love experience with you to help you liberate the the love you are and find balance and purpose for you to live the highest expression of YOU!

Message us and we will be honored to connect!

transform your life... transform your love!