Besides the more anticipated venues I might play at, one of my FAVORITE ways to share my heart with an audience is in a more intimate environment! It doesn't necessarily mean just a small group, however I find that there is something really alchemical that happens with an audience when the format feels like more of what you might experience in a friend's living room! 

I've come to a place in my musical journey where I realize that there is so much healing power in music! Often times people will come to a concert feeling low and overwhelmed by life. I feel such an incredible privilege to invite each participant into a heart space that allows love to flow freely through the words and melodies, that they leave feeling like they had a transformational experience not only with the music, but with the other people who came to share the experience. We all have the ability to  help heal each other as we take part in life-giving things that give us great joy, particularly as we share them as community!

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