"I will never forget the first time I heard Heather sing.  It was in my spiritual center and it was as if I was hearing an angel singing!  I was so moved by her music, words and sound that I literally found myself overwhelmed with emotion.  Heather has the most incredible nuances to her voice and you feel 'her' in every note - so personal, so beautiful.  Listening to her sing opens my heart and fills me with joy, love and inspiration". 

Ellen Contente, Los Angeles
Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Coach

"Heather's voice takes you to a place where beauty and gratitude come together. Whether listening to her CD or hearing her sing in person, you'll be inspired and moved."

John Livesay, Los Angeles
Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach 

"I can say first hand that Heather Powers' music touched thousands upon thousands of peoples lives as my office filtered the calls and fan mail.   Heather’s voice, writing and artistry is better than I have ever heard before!  Music can effect change, and change gave Heather a story to tell. Living demands movement and movement creates history and Heather Powers has a contribution to make.  Although music sets trends, Heather writes from her experiences, not fashion.  Great music rises above genre, and Heather Powers just took flight."

Ricky B. Rogers, Nashville TN
Artist Management

audience raves

“Heather has a divine conversation with her audience through song. Her captivating essence speaks to the human condition and immerses listeners in a spirit of light and love as she takes them on a melodic journey. There is something magical that moves us when we hear prophetic, true, beautiful, raw words, and Heather is the musical prophetess of this age."

Sarah Jaggard, North Hollywood, CA
Entertainment Brand Strategist

"There are those who sing from the depths of their being.  There are those who sing because the gift of voice is theirs to share.  There are those whose instrument is so rich and so full that singing comes easily and with a grace and clarity that astounds.  There are those who sing because it makes them happy.  There are those who sing because it enriches the world.  And then there's Heather Powers.  She is all of the above and then a little more.  She brings her True Self into every moment of her 'Gift.'  To hear her is to love her and I do and I am blessed.  Heather Powers is the Real Deal!"

Rev. James Mellon
Author, Speaker, Broadway Star
Global Truth Center, Los Angeles

"There are those artists who can sing a note and strike a cord so deep within your soul that you are stirred for life.  Heather is just such an artist.  Heather’s music lacks the typical “construction” that is created by man’s reason and is instead, infused to it’s core with her authentic heart… with love and conviction that can only be bestowed by the One True God.  Heather and her music together are an extension of the Divine through which you can feel loved, affirmed and inspired.  I have experienced this gift for more than a decade… it’s that oh so familiar voice that reassures me…  loves me!"

Theresa French, Minnesota
Self Mastery Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author

"This girl has got it!  The moment I heard her voice, I knew she was not only an instrument of Divine, but that she was the perfect vessel of love.  Her music, her speaking and her friendship are out of this world.  If you're ready to awaken, I highly recommend going to every event of this grateful girl... Heather Powers is Powerful!"

Erin Fall Haskel, Los Angeles CA
Author, Transformational Speaker
Voice For The Divine